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Sunday, February 17, 2008 ♥
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Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

i will be leaving for SYDNEY in three days timeee (WEDNESDAY!) 
omg i have so much to do with so little time. I cant believe we're leaving already; three months of just bumming around has gone so fast, and truly i have mastered the skill of just 'doing-nothing'. it's gona be a very bitter-sweet departure. ): 

It's been the best summer holiday anyone could ask for (:  

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 ♥
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Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

I just got my wish. (: 

besides that, I got to spend a really awesome time with my BFFL today. things couldnt be any better. 


♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Monday, February 04, 2008 ♥
Last footprint@12:49 AM

Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

Omg, I dont know what to do to like contain my smile. I find myself smiling/ grinning at the weirdest smallest moments in the day and i cant help it. HAHAH 

I think it's time to put this infatuation to a stop because it's becoming much more to me. 
but i cant seem to stop beautiful. 

SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE SMILE> i feel like a small kid in a candy shop. 

this is really random but talking about smiling, it's really a wonder how my whole family can ever smile again like this'
( my parents were on my paper pashing aways as well. goodness!) 
It's been about three years since ah ku died and to be able to smile again as a hhhuuuugggeee family is really something. it must take alot for celine and auntie doreen to even break a grin, and yet we all do so; as a family. We just had our chinese reunion dinner at my three-ee's place last night! (: steamboat, durian, korean bbq.. omg, it was a major pigging out feast. 
my biggest fear: FOOODDD. 
i have to keep to my words: become anorexic! ): but it's been a really BIG failure so far. 

my mum loves chinese new year because of all the old traditions, so i love chinese new year too. (: 

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Saturday, February 02, 2008 ♥
Last footprint@3:12 PM

Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

Some times when I read blogs about their 'broken hearts' and all their emo-ness, I pause and think how lucky i am that i'm not going through it. Talk about sourness? I dont think what i feel is sourness but actually relieve. Well yes I do like someone in my life now, but it's not something that I wana go through pain with. I mean, I'm going to sydney and he's... I've always thought that long-distant relationships dont work; but deep down with him, I wana try. 

My daddy is so cute. He's worried that I would remain single for the rest of my life because I'm not dating now. HAHAH! daddy dont worry, it's just that i dont see the point in going into a relationship now and then having to go through the pain and missing of each other when you're overseas already.

Of course I want to have a boyfriend, I mean who doesnt. To feel loved, to be taken care of, to be treated like a princess. But at the same time, I want the next one to be one that I see a future with and not just the present. 

okay enough with my rambling. Chinese New Year is coming! And this year we can celebrate. (: 

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 ♥
Last footprint@11:15 PM

Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

Ah, the silly innocent childish love that we all miss.
My 12 year old brother is at the stage where girls are into him, and he's into girls. (thank God) and i must say it's mighty cute. I dont know if I'm the best sister to give relationship advice, since i always screw up my own relationships, but i mean hey, all my younger sisters arnt any better either. HAHAH
Seeing him all like excited when he likes a girl, (he's go pretty good taste) is seriously adorable. Being in an American school also helps i suppose; they start young. I came home from Melbourne and my brother just amazes me time and time again. His cracked low voice,his HEIGHT!, and girls, He does the sweetest things ever. I was gone for not more than four months, and he has already matured so so much. Whoever said that boys can be sweet, My brother is a fine example. hahaha!
oh boy, my brother's gona be a heartbreaker.

So Girls, you better hold onto your heart because this boy is gona take you for a ride.

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Last footprint@9:42 PM

Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

Hello beautiful, tonight it's you that's gona make me fly. 

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Monday, January 28, 2008 ♥
Last footprint@12:10 PM

Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

Sunday, you could have been the most cheap-thrilled day of my holidays. Okay I admit, I've got the silliest crush on you, because you always know how to make my day better, lighter and always always more beautiful. 

After church, I had one of the longest xtrainers meeting Ever. but it was fun, considering everyone was back together in the same room; even the army boys.
So then I rushed to take my eyesight at eye werks, and then i met SARINA for dinner! (: kat, nana and i went to our old time favourite essential brews at holland v. ah, it was just so nice catching up and doing what we do best, (: 
after that, we took a cab down to deb's birthday party at her house. I must say it was the cherry of the day. i've not seen her in such a long time and yet, it felt just like old times. we've not changed at all, and it was bittersweet. 

The past week or so: 
This much be my lucky week or so because i've been having a whole string of good luck. (: Won money over poker games, out with my BFFL glenn on his two off days, shisha-ing at Arab street with the melbourne people. It was bliss. Always a new adventure, a new memory formed . 

I did my double eye lid surgery on monday. (: HHAHA! it took TONS of courage, but the experience was overall a fun one. So I'm gona start this 'tradition' of doing something absolute absurd every year. 
2007: got a tatt 
2008: got a pair of double eye lids. 
HAHAH! it was a mighty expensive change though. So now i'm stuck at home waiting for the swell to come down. I feel like you know 'extreme make-over' ?? HAHHAH just, not that extreme. I wont say that i DID plastic surgery, because i didnt. it was more of a corrective surgery. due to all the hereditary thing anyway. Long story. 

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Friday, January 25, 2008 ♥
Last footprint@10:40 PM

Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

Because baby, you know that I'm holding on to you. 

i love my chill-out moments at indochine, dancing to the best mix at Play (they have awesome music) with my dearest friends, the slow starts of the day, the i-should-not-exert-myself-at-the-gym-today moments and just the beautiful memories I have made this 2008. 

2008's gona be massive, I can feel it. (: 

I'll update soon! much love. <3

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 ♥
Last footprint@11:11 PM

Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..

I have alot on my mind right now. 
Can people be really happy just the way they are and look? 
I'm sure deep down, everyone wants something changed about their body. 
But when will it ever be enough?

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 ♥
Last footprint@2:32 PM

Dear diary,
I'm falling in love..


I love my boys. (: 
On a wednesday night after work, I had to meet my mum at hard rock cafe for some reporter for this newspaper. hahah! it was rather silly, but had a great dinner with nachos. 
so after dinner I rushed down to the cathay to meet vyan because he was going off to army already. Hmm, I'm gona miss that bugger. 
at the same time, juncai and lenord came down to the cathay to meet kat and i . hahah! as usual, cai was high up in the clouds. heh i love char siew bao. then bec and steph came. 
hanged outside the cathay for a while before going down to zouk. kathi went off to meet her fairfield friends while i tagged along because i along wana see one person. (: 

*i dont know why i cant make the photo vertical. 

SO at zouk i really didnt want to go in because it was so crowded. bumped into quite a few random  people like ELVIS! hahaha ive not seen him ever since trinity. AND just so happen, kat and her fairfield friends bumped into kevin justin hong and their friends at sahara. so i went there to meet them. (: HAHAH kevin is going to army! 

at last i have stopped work and i swear im never gona work ever again. I'm gona study for the rest of my life and when i've gotten all my degrees and cant go higher, i'll be like bill gates. come up with a fantastic idea and then just bum around for the rest of my life. 
sounds great. (: 

the rest of the things that has been up. 
  • met kanelim for a movie, "american gangster". it was a pretty awesome movie, just slightly too long, like 3 hours long. on the way home, i swear the taxidriver is a matchmaker in 
  • had juncai working with me on saturday and sunday. (: it was fun having someone to talk to at work. 
  • SEM GOT INTO LONDON SCHOOL OF FASHION!  omg, just saying the school name is just so Hot. really really soooo damn happy for her (: (: 
  • met kate swang belle at vivocity for a day out. (: watched this really stupid movie called body #19. it was supposed to be a horror movie,but.. okay i was scared a bit, but belle was even more scared! HAHAH I always have such an awesome time with them. but all of us are all going to different universities and states! like belle is going to perth, swang- monash, kate- melbourne uni, the twins- uni of sydney. Boy am I gona miss them so. 
  • popped by school on monday, and PAL! eng, we've not even done our new years resolution! ): 

♥ Love, your pathetic excuse

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